Event Management System Feed http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/rsshome.aspx Events listing from NCC Library Venue if you want change current month or year, please specify the month/year arguments in query string. copyright Halfway to Paradise: The Birth of British Rock <br /> 25 July 2016<br /> None - None <br /> <br />Harry Hammond was Britain's leading showbiz photographer for nearly two decades. Starting in the late 1940s, he captured the definitive images of virtually every leading British musician, as well as many visiting American artists. From Tommy Steele to the Beatles and Shirley Bassey to Dusty Springfield, Harry Hammond captured the emergence of the British rock 'n' rollers. This exhibition promises to take visitors on a journey back to the birth of British rock through photographs from the collections of the V&A. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2860 The Beatles to Bowie Tracks Trail! <br /> 25 July 2016<br /> 10:00 - 16:30 <br /> <br />Explore the sights and sounds of the rock'n'roll era of the fifties and sixties with this interactive trail!<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3112 I’m in the Workhouse – get me out of here! <br /> 25 July 2016<br /> 10:00 - 17:00 <br /> <br />Explore the new workhouse displays and discover what life was like for the inmates with activities for all the family.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3264 A Mammoth Discovery! (Museum trail) <br /> 25 July 2016<br /> None - None <br /> <br />Delve into the life of the West Runton mammoth, its discovery and excavation.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3118 Vile Victorian Bake Off! <br /> 25 July 2016<br /> 11:00 - 16:00 <br /> <br />Discover the ingredients in some vulgar Victorian recipes. Find out what Queen Victoria's favourite luncheon was along with other not so culinary delights of the time....<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3129 Samuel Yarham: A Yarmouth Murder <br /> 25 July 2016<br /> 10:00 - 16:00 <br /> <br />A fascinating display telling the story of murderer Samuel Yarham who was held in the Tolhouse Gaol before being hanged at Norwich Castle on 11 April 1846 for the murder of Harriet Candler. The display is on view 10am-4pm during the opening dates below - 15 & 17 July 21 July - 4 September (closed Saturdays) 8-11 September<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3266 Flint Rocks! Exhibition <br /> 25 July 2016<br /> 10:00 - 16:00 <br /> <br />Everything you ever wanted to know about flint but were afraid to ask. From fossils to flakes and soldiers to strike-a-lights, this exhibition throws light on this very versatile stone. Discover the people who worked and used it, and find out about flint’s Japanese cousin, obsidian. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2750