Event Management System Feed http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/rsshome.aspx Events listing from NCC Library Venue if you want change current month or year, please specify the month/year arguments in query string. copyright Humans in Ancient Britain <br /> 01 September 2015<br /> None - None <br /> <br />The story of humans in Britain stretches back nearly one million years, with the earliest human footprints found off the coast of Happisburgh. This exhibition from the collections of the Natural History Museum and Norfolk Museums Service focuses on significant objects that have informed our understanding of early Britons, selected specially for the Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2241 Anthony Amies: Land and Sea <br /> 01 September 2015<br /> None - None <br /> <br />An exhibition of seascapes and landscapes from the Time and Tide collections by artist Anthony Amies, including work created when he studied at Great Yarmouth Art School in the 1960s. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2240 Fossil Detective Trail <br /> 01 September 2015<br /> 10:00 - 16:00 <br /> <br />Become a palaeontologist for the day and travel back in time to find clues around the museum with this free, fun trail.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2575 Ancient Animal Colouring Activity <br /> 01 September 2015<br /> 10:00 - 16:00 <br /> <br />Colour in a Mammoth, Hyaena, Woolly Rhino and more, and find out more about the strange animals that used to live in Norfolk.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2576 Sawdust and Threads <br /> 01 September 2015<br /> 10:00 - 16:30 <br /> <br />This exhibition showcases new work by artist Caroline Wright who has been drawing and taking apart de-accessioned museum objects across Norwich Castle, the Polar Museum in Cambridge and UCL Museum & Collections in London. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2410 'almost too daring for an individual': John Sell Cotman's one-man exhibiton, 1806-7 <br /> 01 September 2015<br /> 10:00 - 16:30 <br /> <br />In the winter of 1806-7, 24 year old John Sell Cotman staged an extensive one-man exhibiton at his house in Norwich. Located in the Colman Project Space, this exhibition re-imagines the show, highlighting the enterprising methods Cotman used to present himself as an ambitious and varied artist. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2222 Seeing the Light <br /> 01 September 2015<br /> 10:00 - 16:30 <br /> <br />Showcasing works on paper from our art collection which have rarely, if ever, been displayed before. Thanks to a digitisation project supported by the East Anglia Art Fund and sponsored by the Norwich Town Close Estate Charity. Located in the Colman Watercolour Gallery. Until Saturday 6th March 2016.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=2223